Efia Odo finally reveals the reason she doesn’t share nude photos on social media anymore-Fans praise her

Efia Odo has publicized that, she has turned a new leaf now that’s why she doesn’t share nude photos on social media anymore.

Ghanaian model cum actress, Efia Odo has disclosed her reason for not disturbing fans and followers with her sultry photos.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, Efia said she wants to rebrand herself that’s why she has stopped posting sultry photos of herself online.

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Furthermore, she noted that our world keeps changing and she has realized the need to upgrade in order to become a brand influencer.

Everyone will change for the better when the time is right and it’s my turn now. No one advised me to change but as I’m growing, my spirit told me to change and that’s why I don’t do my usual things anymore” Efya Odo said.

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In other news, a Nigerian Twitter user identified as Vivian Rora, has shared her view on guys who have interest in gambling activities.

Vivian Rora, who is a known to be very controversial is once again on the nerves of men.

Her latest assertion is likely to annoy men who gamble.

Men mostly enjoy betting and the staking of lotto, as well as playing the draft.

It takes hard work and deliverance to pull a man away from these things especially when they start getting money from it.

According to Vivian Rora, no woman, thinking right in her senses, would wish to marry a man who stakes bet, lotto, and plays drafts.

She didn’t buttress her claim that no sensible woman would marry a man who does…continue

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