Drama as married woman allegedly gets stuck to her lover after ch00p!n themselves (Photos)

Married woman allegedly gets stuck to her lover after ch00p!n themselves.

Chilling news trending in Uganda reveals that a married woman has been stuck or “glued” to another man after “enjoyment”

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The incident happened in Gulu city, in the Northern Region of Uganda on Wednesday morning, June 16.

According to an eyewitness, Pai Robins OgwengAkiiki, the duo after enjoying themselves, their organs could not separate.

The duo tried various methods to separate their organs but proved futile so they cried out for help which attracted residents and the police.

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Furthermore, they were eventually separated by the woman’s husband after he touched their waists.

The marriage woman and her lover are recently in police custody.

Read report below:

[email protected]!? is bad. #There was drama this morning in Gulu city as a married woman who was enjoying herself with another man got stucked like dogs.in that after they were done with it, their organs could not seperate but was stucked in that it failed to seperate however much they tried.They started making alarms that attracted police and locals.It was after the real husband of this woman came and touched their waist, the organs then got separated.the two are now in police custody…i want to be like this woman’s real husband.”

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