Disbelief as youngman walks from Ashaiman to Accra Mall to steal 7 sachets of Cerelac [Video]

After being caught shoplifting Cerelac at the Accra Mall, a young man is being held by the police.

The young man, whose name is not revealed, is shown being searched by the police in videos that are currently circulating on social media.

The cops discovered he had stolen 7 sachets of cerelac and placed them in his pant after a thorough search.

According to information obtained by Ghnewsbag, he made the trek from Ashaiman for the cerelac operation.

However, one can be heard in the video claiming that it is something that the Shoprite boys are involved in.

Passers-by were perplexed as to why a young man would travel from Ashaiman to steal cerelac at the Mall.

Watch Video below:

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