DATE RUSH: “My love for Ignatius has vanished” – Freelove confesses

My affection for Ignatius has disappeared after last Sunday’s show -Freelove

Last Sunday’s Date Rush edition left Ghanaians in awe as all the ladies on the platform were snubbed by one Ignatius guy.

It was the first of its kind for a guy to decline all the ladies on the platform though the opposite (all the ladies turning off their rush for a guy) has happened before but not this.

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One lady who was desperate and in fact was close to winning Ignatius’ heart was Freelove. But she was left disappointed as well.

Freelove in the heat of her ‘broken-heart anger’ described Ignatius as being disrespectful. Adding that he never asked any of them what he wanted when he excused his behaviour with the fact that he did not find what he wanted in the ladies.

In an interview with TV3’s New Day with Johnnie Hughes about the incident, Freelove disclosed that he is no longer interested in Ignatius.

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“I used to like Ignatius but now, I don’t like him back can you disappoint me like that?…It was love at first sight and then now I just got disappointed.” She said

When asked if she would accept Ignatius back in case he changes his mind and needs a second chance, She responded negative.

“I just felt too hurt. You know when you get hurt too much, it just destroys everything…and everything becomes broken”. Freelove stated

Freelove confessed that indeed she was desperate for the ‘kill’ but all is history now.

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“I have friends who talk to me, my family supports…I read the Bible too a lot… Although I am over him, I’m still healing….I  really wanted to go for it because I was tired of ‘you are too fine not to have a boyfriend’…I really needed this”.she narrated

According to Freelove, she has learned her lessons and will wait for the right time and the right guy.


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