CRIME: Herdsman butchered for attempting to rape 20-year-old woman

A 20-year-old woman has butchered a 22-year-old herdsman, Allai Kotodi as he attempted to rape her at Jarukura; a community in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

The victim, only identified as Fulera, reported to the police station with a blood-stained cutlass which belongs to the herdsman.

According to the police, after sending his cattle for grazing, he attacked Fulera, who in the process of defending herself, got injured on her right thumb.

She also allegedly took hold of the cutlass and hit her attacker before rushing to the police station to make an official complaint.

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Meanwhile, the injured herdsman also came to the police station to report that, a farmer had butchered him when he sent his cattle for grazing.

He claimed the farmer requested for his cutlass to cut a stick but rather attacked him.

After intense interrogation, Allai Kotodi admitted attacking and attempting to rape Fulera Tika.

His arrest followed suit and then taken to the Daboya Hospital under police guard.

The victim has also received a police medical form to enable her to attend a hospital for treatment. She would assist the police in further investigation.

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