COVID-19: “Wash your hands thoroughly as if you just touched NPP T-Shirt” – NDC ‘mocks’ NPP amidst Coronavirus threat

“Never a dull moment in Ghana” was one of the Comments from twitter users after NDC mocked NPP amidst the novel Coronavirus.

The virus is spreading wildly and many are in panic as many countries continues to welcome the undesired virus on their land.

The virus is taking thousands of lives across the globe and as such said to be deadly, meaning care must be taken to avoid it at all cost.

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Despite how deadly the virus is said to be some are also trying to make a joke out of it in order to ‘reduce panic’ that comes with it.

With that being said, Ghana’s major opposition party, NDC shared a tweet on their official Twitter page where they were teaching Ghanaians to wash their hands very well.

Although, the tweet was meant to preach the hygiene of washing your hands thoroughly to avoid the virus, they also added some sense of humour to tease their opponent.

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The tweet have generated many comments with some saying NDC is likely to remain in opposition for 24 years due to such ‘f**lish’ tweet.

See tweet below:

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