COVID-19: University of Ghana Scientists Sequence Genomes of the Novel Coronavirus

Scientists from the University of Ghana have taken samples of individuals affected with the Novel Coronavirus to study it.

The research was to establish if there have been any changes with the virus’ genome since its outbreak last year.

It was also to give us comprehensive information about the organism’s genetic make up, if it’s the same virus that emerged at wuhan or there have been some mutations.

According to the statement released, samples were taken from travelers from Norway, Hungary, India, UK and United States.

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Nine samples were taken from individuals who are believed to have no travel history and thus acquired the disease locally.

“The data tells us that, while there were some differences between the strains from the various countries, all the 15 genomes generally resembled (with>92% similarity) the reference strain that was isolated in the Wuhan Province of China, where the outbreak begun” said Prof. Gordon Awandare, Director of WACCBIP.

“This confirms that we are dealing with the same pathogen, and it has not yet change it’s genetic make-up significantly” he added.

The University Authorities have expressed appreciation and admiration to the local scientists who have reached this feature to help the Nation fight the pandemic.

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They also thanked the sponsors and agencies who granted the necessary funds to carry out the research.

See statement below:


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