COVID-19: Top 7 facts you should know about Ghana’s 152 confirmed cases

As at March 29th, Ghana has recorded 5 deaths and 152 confirmed cases in total.

But how did we arrive at these figures? What went into it? With all these unanswered questions, Ghnewsbag decided to give you some list of facts about Ghana’s stand, sourcing the official website of Ghana health service.

1.A total of 2,519 persons have been tested as of 12:05 hours on the 29th March 2020.

Breaking them down, 1,276 (50.7%) were persons under mandatory quarantine with 1,243 (49.3%) from routine surveillance activities.

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2. 152 people have tested positive for the disease

Among all 2,519 persons tested, one hundred and fifty-two (152) were confirmed positive, in percentage, it is 5.6%.

3. A larger percentage of the cases confirmed is from people in mandatory quarantine

With regards to persons under mandatory quarantine, 89 representing 6.2% tested positive. Among persons tested from routine surveillance, sixty-three (63) representing 5.0% tested positive.

4. So far, all the cases are from only 4 regions out of the 16 total regions in the country.

Out of the 16 regions, Only four regions have so far recorded cases- the Greater Accra, Ashanti , Upper West and Tamale Regions. One case has been confirmed in the Upper West Region and these figures are from routine surveillance system.

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5. Aside those in mandatory quarantine, Greater Accra still tops all regions with 54 cases.

9 cases have been confirmed outside the Greater Accra region with 8 coming from Ashanti region and 1 from Upper West region. All these under routine surveillance system.

6. 731 people are currently being followed as contacts traced

A total number of 731 contacts of confirmed cases are currently being followed up by the contact tracing team. Among contacts traced so far, 53 were found to have some sort of symptoms and 48 have been tested with one person testing positive.

7. 231 contacts that have been traced have completed their 14-day follow-up

Two hundred and thirty-one contacts have completed the mandatory 14-day follow-up.

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