COVID-19: Shocking video of how patients ‘suffer’ before taking their last breath

The covid-19 virus is taking a lot of lives across the globe which has caused World Health Organization to declare the infection as pandemic.

The virus is now taking thousands of lives across the globe and there is still no defined cure for it.

People are dying on the streets, especially the streets of China and Italy. Hopeless situation which is crippling our planet.

Well, most of us have not seen at first hand what patients of this virus go through before they finally close their eyes.

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Fortunately, we came across a video which shows the intense suffering victims of the covid 19 are subjected to.

In the video, one man was lying on the street coughing deeply and dry whiles holding his neck and chest.

It is unclear which country the incident occurred but we guess Italy where the virus is now spreading like wild fire.

See video below: