COVID-19: Senegal confirms first coronavirus case as the virus hit Africa

Senegal has recorded its first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on March 2, 2020 as the virus hit Africa. Senegal’s Health Minister announced the case after Nigeria confirmed their first case last week.

It is believed that, the patient is a Senegal National who flew back from France on February 26, Health Minister Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr told reporters.

Ever since he returned, he has been in contact with his wife and two children but upon realizing he has the virus, he was then quarantined in a hospital in the capital Dakar.

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The rapid spread of the new coronavirus has caused fears of a pandemic, waking governments to step up control measures to prevent the virus from entering their countries and as such has send global markets into a dive.

As of Sunday, March 1, 2020, infection from the virus has hit a toll of 89,000 cases globally, the majority in China, according to a Reuters tally.

It has spread to 66 countries outside China, with more than 8,800 cases and 130 deaths. Globally, the illness has taken over 3,000 lives.

Be informed, it is airborne and that’s what makes it even more [email protected]