COVID-19 has not hindered my target- Man with over 150 kids tells

An Australian man whose name has been withheld has over 150 children across the world as a result of his sperm donation business.

The man has met most of his kids and he loves spending time with them.

The sperm donor whose target is 2500 offspring said COVID-19 pandemic did not hindered his progress because he made around six new children during lockdown.

Furthermore, he said he has plans to impregnate 10 women within 2020, Daily Mail reports.

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The man who is in his 40s said most of his clients often come from Facebook recommendations.

He has been busy making babies since March.

“I have about 150 kids worldwide but there are currently five women pregnant with my children and one kid has already been born,” he said.

The man offers both artificial insemination services and also gets intimate with potential mums.

Also, he said he rarely takes payment for his service and only prefers when his travelling expenses are covered by ladies hoping to carry his kids.

Whenever he spots his kids in photos, his heart melts and he is pleased by how identical most of them are to him.

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