COVID-19: Goat, Cheese and Pawpaw fruit test positive in Tanzania

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli has dismissed the importation of coronavirus testing kits as results from ‘subjects’ other than humans came out positive.

Magufuli’s government has been criticised for being secretive about covid_19 outbreak in the country and has previously asked Tanzanias to pray for the corona virus to go way.

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The positive result of covid_19 from cheese, pawpaw and goat caused the president to instruct the Security forces to check the quality of the corona virus testing kits imported as reported by radio univers

They had randomly obtained several non-human sample including pawpaw and goat, but had assigned them human names and ages.

Judging from these dramatic results the Presidents stated that there are some likelihood that some people tested positive when in fact, they were not infected by the corona virus (False Positive).

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“There is something happening. I said before we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation,” Magufuli said.

As of Sunday, Tanzania had recorded 480 cases of COVID-19 and 17 deaths but unlike most other African countries, Dar es Salaam sometimes goes for days without giving updates.

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