COVID-19: Ghana’s confirmed cases climbs to 11 as the virus hit the Nation

Ghana confirmed cases is rising even though major facilities in the country is under lockdown including schools and churches.

-The first is a 59-year-old Ghanaian woman, resident in the United Kingdom who recently returned to Ghana and currently living in Kumasi, reported to a private hospital with the history of fever (temp of 39.1 ℃ ), general malaise, cough and runny nose. Her condition was suspected to be COVID-19.

Sample was subsequently collected and sent to KCCR and the report was received this early morning as positive for COVID-19. 

-The second case is a 61-year-old Lebanese male trader and resident in Kumasi. He felt unwell and reported to a health facility with fever (temp 39.4 ℃ ), and cough. The sample tested positive for COVID-19. 

-Both case patients are being managed in isolation and responding to treatment.

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Ghana has confirmed 4 cases within just 24 hours raising the total from 7 to 11, and it is something to be looked at.

With the current situation resumption of these facilities is no time soon if a vaccine is not found within the shortest possible time.

The Ghana health service confirmed the 11th case on their official site.