COVID-19: Coronavirus reappears in patient 3 weeks after she was cured of the virus

Doctors across the globe are working on the clock to eradicate the coronavirus outbreak but are having some major setback after some patients who had recovered from the epidermic tested positive weeks later.

The coronavirus is on a mass scale spread which is rapid, infecting about 80,000 people globally and killing more than 2000, with Chinese citizens suffering the most.

Doctors at the war-front of fighting the virus in the Asian countries have however, noted that most of the discharged patients throughout china were testing positive after released from the hospital.

Japan had also recorded a similar situation when a woman working as a tour-bus guide tested positive for the coronavirus for a second time after discharge.

The woman on first instance tested positive in late January 2020 and was discharged from the hospital after recovering on Feb 1, 2020.

On Wednesday, February 26, the middle-aged woman returned with sore throat and chest pains and upon examination she was positive for the virus again.

Experts have attributed the reinfection to the fact that patients who recover from the epidermic rarely develop enough antibodies to develop immunity against the virus.

Furthermore, Health Officials in an interview with People’s Daily have described the virus as “biphasic”, meaning it lies dormant before creating new symptoms later on.

We will update our readers as the story of this fatal virus unfold, in the mean time stay calm and practice the hygiene being preached.