COVID-19: 12-year-old Ghanaian becomes the youngest in Europe to d!e of the coronavirus

A 12 year old girl of Ghanaian descent based in Belgium has reportedly d!ed of the novel coronavirus.

She is the youngest person in the country to suffer at the cold hands of the deadly virus. also reports that the deceased was dreportedly sent home by a doctor who thought she was having an allergic reaction.

She had fever and doctors gave her medication to address it after which a GP informed her mother that the current coronavirus “seemed out of the question” as a possible cause

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Unfortunately, her condition worsened after she got home to the point that, she was struggling to breathe.

Her mother, a Ghanaian, called for an ambulance, but due to language barrier, the operator wasn’t able to tell what exactly she wanted.

Though the call ended without an ambulance, dispatchers tried on 3 attempts to reconnect with the distressed mother but to no avail.

Police were sent to the address later but by the time they got there a friend had taken the family to the hospital where she was pronounced [email protected] on arrival.

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