Coronavirus Goddess now worshiped in India for protection against infection

India is one of the most affected countries by the Covid-19 pandemic, in an attempt to curb the spread of the new virus, many have now turned to worship COVID-19 in order to protect themselves.

According to news ,an Indian media reported on a group of women from a village in West Bengal who had decided to Corona Mai, or ‘Corona Goddess’ in order to protect themselves.

They reportedly set up a small shrine on the banks of Chinnamasta pond, near Asansol city, and started singing songs and mantras, burning incense and bringing offerings like fruits and vegetables

Furthermore, the women said that they planned to worship and pray to the goddess until she takes away the coronavirus.

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Worshipers of Coronavirus believe that the best way to fight the pandemic is to pray to the goddess. until she decides to take the coronavirus away.

Women from West Bengal are not the only worshipers, one Kerala man has also set up a whole temple to worship the “coronavirus goddess”.

Anilan Muhoortham from the town of Kadakkal worships coronavirus as a goddess.

“I have built this temple for Goddess Coronavirus in accordance with the constitutional freedom to worship. Goddess Coronavirus is being worshipped here,” the Kerala man said. 

I dedicate the temple to those health workers, scientists trying to find vaccines, police-fire & rescue officers, and other media personnel.”

Surprisingly, Anilan observes the social distancing protocols in the temple, so whoever wants to make an offering to the Goddess Coronavirus via his home temple can do so by post.

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