CONTACT TRACING: Man allegedly stays in the house 3 days after testing positive to the Coronavirus(video)

According to a report by TV3 Ghana, they got a hint of a situation regarding the contact tracing procedure.

The news which was reported by Berla Mundi of TV3 indicates that the man was traced and tested for the novel Coronavirus after he was suspected of the disease.

From the hint, the man’s result came out 8 days later and unfortunately he was positive for the deadly virus.

But it’s been 3 days now since the man tested positive and he still remains in the house living with his family.

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Berla explained that, the man is alleged to be living with other relatives of which one of has started showing symptoms as well.

See Video below:

The President in his 3rd Address, locked down certain parts of the country established as epicenters for the virus to stop the spread of the virus.

Also, the partial lockdown was to help the health workers trace those who have in one way or the other come into contact with infected individuals.


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