Class 3 student stuns the world with amazing hand washing innovation

As prescribed by WHO and GHS, hand washing is one of the best practices to help prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 which is wrecking havoc across the globe.

Hand washing remains at the top of the list of preventive measures against the deadly virus but must be done properly with soap and water.

However, in our part of the world, soap and water must be carried long distances, making hand washing sometimes not practical at critical times.

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In Kenya, a Bungoma County student who wants to help stop the spread of the virus, in partnership with his father has designed and introduced an innovative hand washing system.

The student identified as Stephen got the idea after he observed people share a bar of soap placed outside shops.

“I sent him to the shop and he came back and told me that it has been announced there was coronavirus, People have put jerry cans out for customers to wash their hands but everyone who comes to wash their hands touches the jerrican and soap so the disease will still spread,” said Stephen’s mother, Mercy Nasimiyu

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Due to his age and stature, handling heavy work equipment is nearly impossible. He therefore shared his idea with his father who is a carpenter and they immediately started working on it.

“We were watching TV together when he asked me if we could create our own washing hand system that does not involve touching it with the hand,” said James Wamukata.

A few measurement here and there and the family arrived at one of the most effective hand washing station in the county.

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The station is hands-free and just by the press of the foot pedal, a user is able to dispense soap and clean water. The station also has a basin and the wastewater disposal system.

According to Stephen’s father, even if his son does not succeed academically, he can survive in the society with his creativity.

“I survive on talent so I would not want to kill his talent which might help him in future,” he said.

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