Carlos Ahenkorah must be prosecuted – Kwame Jantuah

Following revelation by the now former deputy Trades and Industry minister, Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah on going out into the public despite his knowledge of contracting COVID-19, Mr. Kwame Jantuah, a member of the Convention Peoples Party believes that he (Carlos Ahenkorah) should be prosecuted.

According to him, this will be needed because it is a breach of the Imposition of Restrictions Act (2020) which clearly charges citizens to defend public safety as well as defend public health.

Referring to the Act, the private legal practitioner insists “there is a public safety element there and public health element there.

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 So based on that, if you are going to use the Imposition of Restrictions Act to charge him, they can because it clearly put there that it is for the defense of public safety and also to make sure that public health is adhered to”.

Mr. Jantuah was of the strong opinion that since Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah was in the known of his situation, there was no room for an excuse in addition especially to the fact that the said law prescribes the actions to be taken by patients even in situations of being asymptomatic like in the former minister’s case.

“The cracks of what you are saying [responding to a question posed by the host] is based on knowledge. That’s the cracks; I knew, I had the knowledge that I had it.

Where does the law come in? What does the law say about having knowledge of the COVID-19 if somebody is infected? The law said the first thing you do is to self-isolate.

So once the law has prescribed the fact that you should self-isolate, you have no defense to say that you came in because you were wearing your face mask and you were dressed to the hilt for protection and that you won’t be able to infect anyone. The law is primary here” he said.

Many have spoken against the minister’s act to go out into the public even when he knew he knew he had contracted COVID-19 and was asymptomatic.

Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah after these events has resigned from his post as the deputy minister for Trades and Industry.

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