Camera technicians and workers at GhOne fail to go to work due to unpaid salaries

From a report we are receiving, GHOne TV’s camera executives refused to work on Tuesday morning, February 18, 2020.

The camera technicians failed to turn in for the station’s breakfast show and other similar live broadcast programs.

Our sources at GHOne TV revealed that Chief Executive of EIB, Kwabena Anokye Adisi, well known as Bola Ray, scheduled for a meeting with the employees to resolve the matter.

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Nevertheless, this is the first time employees of the prestigious TV station have boycotted work despite several threats to do so. It is believed the company owes them up to six months salary arrears.

For two years now, EIB has been wrestling with some financial challenges hence its difficulty in paying salaries of employees.

Due to the recent turn of events, most employees of the company have tend in their resignation letter over poor work conditions.

GHOne TV still has the credit of producing some award-winning reporters with its brand of journalism that combines news and entertainment.

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