Bl00dy f!ghł as Kwabenya Police sergeant catches man ch0pp!ng his Policewoman wife on valentine

Bl00dy f!ght as Kwabenya Police sergeant catches man ch0pping his Policewoman wife on valentine

There was bloody violence at about 10 pm yesterday when a policeman stationed with Kwabenya District Police Headquarters, Sergeant Oheneba Adu caught another man [email protected] in b£d ch0pping his wife who is also a police woman.

A source told that Sgt. Oheneba received information that someone was having s3xual interç0urse with his wife, Sgt. Mrs Adu who is also a police woman at a suburb of Adenta Animal Research Area.

He followed up to the location and found his wife [email protected] in bed with another man who was smoking Indian hemp while r0mping her up and down.

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A confrontation ensued in which the man [email protected] and infl!cted w0unds on police Sgt. Oheneba Adu whose wife couldn’t intervene as her fellow police officer and husband suff£red s£vere b£at!ngs in the scuffle from her boyfriend.

The boyfriend pulled a kn!fe and thr£atened to k!ll Sgt. Adu who lost his two mobile phones in the melee. The matter has since been reported to the station for an investigation to commence.

Police Medical report form was issued to Sergeant Oheneba Adu to seek medical care and return for further action.

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Source: MyNewsGh