Best sites to download your favourite and latest movies, series and Korean dramas [Photos]

With the birth of paid movie streaming enterprises such Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Hulu and the likes, the movie industry has been conquered by these giants. 

It is nearly impossible to get access to the current and trending movies and TV series without owning accounts or subscribing to these movie giants. 

In this article, there is a list of some websites where you can get the access to stream and download directly your favourite movies and TV shows.


This website has a lot of contents comprising games, movies, software and TV series. All the contents are available for direct download only. The movies and TV series span over most categories; adventure, drama, Korean drama, crime, mystery etc.

With Goojara, you have the option to either stream or download your favourite movies, entertainment shows and TV series. They have also thrown in the option of requesting for videos which are yet available on the website. Goojara is linked to


This website offers movies and TV series exclusively of Asian origins. Kissasian boasts of latest video contents from Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. They provide the option to either stream or download.


This website is best for downloading movies and TV series on to a mobile device. The video contents on 02TVSeries do not have the best of quality. This is compensated by the low file sizes to save internet cost.


This site is only available for direct downloads. It has a very nice interface. The file sizes are quite moderate and the video quality is excellent.

This site is more like Light downloads but with less ads interference. Smooth operation and direct download only.

The list is not exhaustive but it is enough to get you access to most of your favourite movies and TV shows contents.

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