Australian High Commissioner apologises for eating fufu with his left hand

Australia’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrew, assumed his role in the country less than four months ago but he is already immersing himself into the Ghanaian culture. 

In new photos, the Australian High Commissioner has been spotted eating fufu, one of the most popular local dishes in Ghana.

The first photo has the Commissioner, who is dressed in a shirt made from African print, seated behind a bowl of fufu with soup poured on it just like every Ghanaian eats it.

The second had the High Commissioner standing beside a woman who is likely to be the one who prepared the food.

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Interestingly, he ate his fufu with his bare left hand which is very unusual in Ghana. While it is not explicitly said, many Ghanaians do not see the left hand as ‘clean’ enough to feed with.

Sharing the photos of his fufu eating on social media, the High Commissioner’s official Facebook page revealed that he ate the fufu, which was prepared by his friend called Safura, with grasscutter (bushmeat) and smoked fish. 

In the post, he told the story of how some indigenous Australians also eat python as bushmeat which is called ‘bush tucker’ in the country. 

He revealed that he prefers to eat the eggs of python which are cooked inside the body of the reptile.

Ending his write-up, he touched on the use of his left to eat the fufu which he described as the wrong hand and apologised.

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