Watch: Angry wife b£āts [email protected]£d side chick mercilessly like a wounded lion

A new video making rounds online shows a side chick who is seriously being puñish£d by husband’s wife for trying to snatch her husband from her.

According to reports, the wife was away when the husband brought in the side chick; but unfortunately they were caught after someone gave a hint to the wife.

The wife then came home immediately, caught them [email protected] down but somehow the man managed to slip out of the room and the premises leaving behind the [email protected]£d side chick who has to face the wrāth of the wife.

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And she really ‘served her hot‘ with some b£ãtings. The slay queen or side chick tried to explain herself but that was not enough to convince the hurt wife who has already made up her mind to beat her.

The wife was accompanied by a friend who took a video of the whole drama.

Watch video below:

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