Angry Policewoman sh00ts husband in the head with AK-47 for not answering her calls

A report available to us suggest that a policewoman has supposedly sh0t her husband twice in the head with an AK-47 gun for not answering her calls and also giving her maid money without seeking permission from her.

It has been revealed that the despicable event happened while he was watching television.

Certainly things are not the same in this world anymore. Some people are just heartless these days.

The police officer identified as APC Maureen is currently on the run shortly after sh00ting her husband (name undisclosed) to death with gun.

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The unfortunate incident is said to have taken place at Dago Area in Nyalenda, Kisumu in Kenya.

A police report confirmed that the policewoman’s husband who is also a clinical officer at Milimani Hospital in Kisumu sustained injuries on the right side of the head just above the ear.

In the police report it came out that; “She stood at the door while armed with an AK-47 rifle. She told him she is going to k!ll him and herself then cocked the gun, sh0t at him twice injuring him on the right side of the head just above the ear.

She then vanished to an unknown place after returning the fire arm to her colleague APC Nancy at the office.”

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