Angry Ex-boyfriend scatters his girlfriend’s wedding, narrates why he did that

A furious Ex-boyfriend stormed and caused confusion at the wedding of one lady who by reports used to his girlfriend in Oyo State in Nigeria.

The yet-to-be-identified Ex-boyfriend together with his gang vandalized the settings of the wedding out of utter anger which eventually stopped the marriage ceremony.

A reports from eyewitnesses informs that everybody at the wedding was running helter skelter for their lives as the thugs threatened them with machetes.

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The ex-boyfriend later narrated that the lady(his girlfriend) borrowed money from him worth N450,000 which is translated to Ghc 6,690.50 which she said she was going to start her own business but instead deceitfully used her friend’s shop like hers.

He further explained he gave her another sum of N200,000(in Ghc 2,973.55 ) to support her business, a few weeks later she requested a loan of N150,000(Ghc 2,230.17 ) and promise to pay back after a month which she never paid back but after siphoning him she decided to put an end to the relationship for no reason.

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The lady used the money to then fund her wedding ceremony with her new fiancé sources say.

The angry man claim he will not rest until he gets all his money.