COVID-19: Africa’s Cases Increases gradually but less deaths recorded

Coronavirus Cases Rise in Africa

Recent updates from the World Health Organization presents an increase in number of cases in Africa. Africa’s hit with the pandemic appears slow but growing in recent times with both imported and local transmission cases. Total number of cases as at 19th March, 2020 is about 633.

Currently, about 19 countries in Africa have not confirmed cases yet with the remaining countries recording either only imported cases or local transmission cases.

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Nigeria in the past few weeks recorded 2 imported cases of which both persons were declared negative after recovery. However, in recent days, they have 8 local cases of the virus. Egypt also records the highest number of cases with South Africa placing second.

Below are the list of countries with confirmed cases as at March 19, 2020.

With local transmission:

Morocco 29, Tunisia 20, Algeria 72, Senegal 36, Liberia 2, Cote D’Ivoire 9, Burkina Faso 26, Nigeria 8, Cameroon 10, Gabon 3, Congo Republic 3, DR Congo 14, Ethiopia 6, South Africa 116, Egypt 126

With only imported cases:

Mauritania 2, Guinea 1, Gambia 1, Ghana 9, Togo 1, Benin 1, Equitorial Guinea 3, Namibia 2, Zambia 2, Tanzania 3, Kenya 7, Rwanda 11, Somalia 1, Sudan 1, Central African Republic 1, Mauritius 3, Seychelles 6, Eswatini 1.

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Burkina Faso recorded its first death on Wednesday making it the first Sub-Saharan death from coronavirus.