Afful Nkwanta : 9-year-old boy hangs himself to death after he tried to rehearse Leticia Pinaman’s incident he saw on TV

A sad news disclosed by Angel Broadcasting Network indicates that a nine years old class 3 pupil has committed suicide after he tried to practice Leticia Pinaman’s case.

The boy tried to confirm the story which has been making headlines in the past week. How it feels it to be in late Leticia’s shoes but unfortunately he took it too far and now he’s gone as well.

According to our sources, he told his grandmother he was going to sleep moments after she showed him Leticia’s video.

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The deceased was identified as Christian Bobie Ansah, 9 year old class 3 student at New Age International school, Afful Nkwanta.

This adds up to 4 successive suicide cases in a week. First it was Leticia Pinaman, then a female teacher at Assin Fosu also hanged herself. Another case is that of 11-year-old Isaac from Dambai and then finally this.

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