A Noble University Like This Tells Students To Label A Shoe In Exams, Which Education Is This?- Yaa Titi fires UEW

One of the main topics that was talked about on the Maakye program on Onua TV was the Ghana educational system. The host Yaa Titi talked so much about how poor our educational system is and the kind of things that children in the country are allowed to learn.

Today was a day that one of the greatest public university in Ghana will never forget because Yaa Titi ‘fired’ them. Yaa fired them for teaching something that is off no relevance to graduates not even pupils in basic schools.

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She posted a picture of an examination from this prominent university. In the exams or on the exams paper, students were asked to label the parts of a shoe or a boot. This is a tertiary exams, an exam that is given to students that will be graduates in no time. The name of the school on the exams paper is University of Education, Winneba.

Below is the examination paper.

Yaa Titi was very angry and said that, this is inappropriate. It is the same reason why graduates are unable to secure or create jobs for themselves. “How can you tell students to lable a shoe that they did not even make it them themselves. At let them it themselves”, she said.

What do you think about Ghana’s educational system? Is it good or it’s responsible for the increase rate of unemployment in the country?