5-year-old girl meets her untimely [email protected] after she was repeatedly rap£d by her cousin

A woman and her son are in police custody after the son [email protected] his two young cousins staying with them, leading to the [email protected] of one of the girls.

It was learnt that the five-year-old girl identified as Kadijah M. Saccoh and her sister were living with their aunt and her son in her home in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Kadijah’s parents were living apart. The father, Congolese Saccoh, is living in the U.S. and had been trying to take Kadijah, a U.S. citizen, with him to the U.S. but couldn’t because a Judge prevented him from doing so as the mother was not in support.

Kadijah and her sister remained with their aunt, who is the elder sister of Kadijah’s mum.

Unfortunately their cousin seized the opportunity of having to stay with them and [email protected] the girls on multiple occasions.

Reports claim that when the aunt found out her son had [email protected] Kadijah’s sister, she hid it from the children’s parents and treated the girl herself. Unfortunately, Kadijah died and the aunt tried to bury her hurriedly.

But the father of the girls refused and asked his own family to take charge and perform an autopsy to ascertain the cause of [email protected]

That was when it was revealed Kadijah had been [email protected] countless times. A quick test was done on her sister and it was also confirmed she has been [email protected] many times as well.

When their auntie was arrested and interrogated, it was revealed her son committed the atrocities and she hide it from the authorities and the children’s parents.

Already Sierra Leone is boiling as people troop the streets to demand justice for Kadijah and her sister.

On Monday, June 22, celebrities in the country took to the streets to demand justice for the victim and her sister. Women also took to the streets, clad in black, to demand justice.