10 irresistible photos of Nana Ama that explains why Broken-hearted Sammy can’t control himself

Social media is on fire especially Twitter as a broken heart issue of one Nana Ama and Sammy hit online.

From reports, Sammy hasn’t enjoyed any better sleep ever since his break up with Nana Ama. The only thing the 21-year old student does is to cry and send voice notes to Nana Ama crying.

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From the look of things, Sammy appears to be suffering the most out of their break up. As he has been noticed begging on several instances.

These actions all seem not to tickle Nana Ama who has turned deaf ears to her Ex’s plea.

With that being said, photos of Nana Ama has popped up online and her beauty can be attributed to the reason Sammy can’t keep it together.

The black beauty is really having a time of her life as she has shot into fame in just a night.

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Check out photos below (Click arrow for more):